Botonomous Framework

A PHP Framework For Creating Autonomous Slack Bots

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Botonomous Is Unique!

Specifically designed for Slack with a number of great features

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Quality Code

Modern, high quality and fully unit tested code base

Modular System

Pluggable architecture for enhanced management of commands

OAuth 2.0 Support

Built-in Add to Slack button using OAuth 2.0

Utility Classes

A handful of standalone utility classes to make everyone's life (even your partner!) easier

Getting Started

Quick installation with the support of Events API and Slash Commands


Either your bot uses Events API or Slash Commands it is supported by Botonomous Framework.



  • PHP 7.0+
  • Slack team


Using composer:

composer create-project botonomous/botonomous

Then set the document root of your server to:


Finally follow the documentation to update the config file:


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Contact us or join the community to improve Botonomous